About Me


Yusuf is an IT security professional and his technological forte is in the area of IDAM (Identity and Access Management) solutions and Web Services and SOA Security. He understands and worked extensively with technologies/specifications including XACML, OAuth, OpenID, SAML, WS-Security standards, PKI, Identity Federation etc.for providing web security solutions/framework for Web Services based, Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) etc.

Expertise in implementing Web-SSO(Single Sign On) solutions, Identity federation solutions, authentication and fine grained authorization framework, identity life cycle management.and involved in installation, configuration, solution design and implementation of various IDAM solutions with supporting related renowned industry products viz. CA, Oracle, IBM etc. and open source products viz. OpenAM, WSO2 etc.

He has always been receptive to learn the latest technology /specification in IDAM space and exploring open source products/technology.

Yusuf is capable of providing below and can be contacted for :

  • Authentication and authorization framework design for the startups.
  • Web SSO Solutions.
  • Solution for Web Services and SOA Security Framework. (SOAP/REST)
  • Identity Federation solutions and implementation.
  • Identity Life Cycle management solution and design.
  • Fine grained authorization polices solution and design viz. XACML

You can reach me via email by filling below form:


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